ReCast Popper Full Collection (4-pack)

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This package includes one of each of the ocean plastic popper paint schemes, at a discounted price.


The ReCast Popper is crafted from 100% recycled ocean plastic, embodying sustainability and environmental consciousness. The ReCast Popper floats in the water and is used for top-water fishing styles, commonly retrieved in an erratic manner, twitching along the surface of the water creating a "popping" sound, targetting fish feeding on the surface of the water.


  • Recycled Ocean Plastic: Environmentally friendly construction supports marine conservation.
  • Top Water: Floats on the surface, with concave face to produce "popping" sound & surface action
  • Steel-Ball Rattle Chamber: Produces enticing vibrations for enhanced fish attraction.
  • Realistic Paint Schemes: Available in several lifelike designs to suit different fishing environments.


  • Weight: 10 grams
  • Length: 2.7"
  • Hooks: Mustad #6

Why Choose ReCast?

ReCast stands at the forefront of sustainable fishing gear, offering anglers an eco-friendly alternative without compromising performance. With each purchase, you not only enhance your fishing experience but also contribute to the preservation of our planet's aquatic ecosystems.

Sustainability Commitment:

As part of our dedication to environmental stewardship, ReCast allocates a portion of all proceeds to select organizations actively engaged in plastic pollution recovery efforts.